Boston Dynamics Plans to Start Selling Their Robot Dog 'SpotMini' Next Year

Boston Dynamics Plans to Start Selling Their Robot Dog 'SpotMini' Next Year

A video shared by Boston Dynamics on Thursday shows the bot in autonomous mode, effortlessly navigating indoor and outdoor surroundings, obstacles and stairs like a real-life pup.

The new version of SpotMini can also be seen running around an office with impressive speed by navigating the entire course on its own. Commercial availability is slated for 2019, as per an announcement from founder Marc Raibert at TechCrunch's TC Sessions: Robotics event at UC Berkeley. Already, the company says that it has contracted manufacturers to build 100 SpotMinis later in 2018, and will then scale production so that they can sell units beginning next year. "For instance, we have a surveillance package where we have special cameras that can mount on the back", Raibert said.

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Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts-based company that builds increasingly sophisticated robots that enjoy opening doors, has released two more videos of its robots doing very clever things that will definitely not come back to haunt humanity at a later date. The SpotMini robots are expected to be used for security patrols or in construction companies to keep tabs on what's happening at building sites. It weighs in at 66 pounds and can go for around 90 minutes on a single charge. The robot, described as "the world's most dynamic humanoid" on the Boston Dynamics website, runs at a slow-but-steady pace over grass, up a slight incline and then stops in front of a log. Atlas steadies himself, bends his "knees", raises his "arms" and nimbly hops over the log, landing without a wobble. Atlas, for example, has the remarkable ability to perform a ideal backflip, though it's not always so steady on its feet.

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