Malaysia's former PM Najib Razak, wife banned from leaving Malaysia

Malaysia's former PM Najib Razak, wife banned from leaving Malaysia

FORMER authoritarian ruler Mahathir Mohamad has been sworn in again as Malaysia's prime minister at the age of 92 - the first opposition election victory in six decades.

In a lively news conference peppered with his trademark wisecracks, he flagged significant changes for Malaysia, which he described as being left in a "mess" by Najib and the National Front coalition.

"This defeat is an opportunity to better ourselves even though this is more on perception".

"I'm so happy", said Zarini Najibuddin while waving the opposition flag.

Mahathir said his Cabinet would have 25 members and that he would name the remaining members this coming week. In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has overseen a "war on drugs" that has taken thousands of lives, as well as a press crackdown. He is also known as a close friend to Erdoğan.

"This shows that the pendulum can swing back from authoritarianism", said Bridget Welsh, a professor of political science and Malaysia specialist at John Cabot University in Italy.

What about the corruption scandal?

Billions of missing dollars, an angry population and a powerful new prime minister who has vowed to bring justice to Malaysia do not bode well for Najib Razak, who was turfed from power by an electoral natural disaster this week. "I don't want them to get out of the country", he added. At the time Najib chaired its advisory board and held veto power over the fund's activities.

HSE Director General resigns amid Cervical Check scandal
He was warned of a risk that the affected women, many of whom were not told of their audit results, would alert media. It has emerged that he will continue to be paid until then, as his contract stipulates a three-month notice period.

" The Immigration Department, which had initially said there was no travel blacklist for Najib, issued a brief statement that Najib and Rosmah "have just been blacklisted from leaving the country".

"I was already informed that the immigration department of Malaysia doesn't allow me and my family to foreign countries".

He named Lim Guan Eng as finance minister to help carry out an economic plan that will include the scrapping of the unpopular Goods and Services Tax (GST), keeping an election pledge.

In a move to dampen down rising tensions, Najib tweeted that he hoped the "divisive period" in the country's history would end with unity.

On top of all that, Najib, who briefly supported a criminal code based on Islamic sharia law, also played the race card.

Wan Azizah is the leader of the Justice Party, which Anwar founded. Daim spends part of his time in Africa "engaging African governments on economy and planning", according to his website.

But it couldn't sway the voters for Najib. Many analysts had thought the BN might lose the popular vote but cling to a majority in parliament due to an electoral system that gave more power to its rural Malay supporters. At his trial in the late 1990s, prosecutors repeatedly brought what they said was a semen-stained mattress into court.

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