Israel, Iran trade fire in Syria flare up

Israel, Iran trade fire in Syria flare up

"This event is not over", he said.

In a statement, the military said the targets included what it described as Iranian intelligence sites: a logistics headquarters belonging to the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, military compounds, munition storage warehouses of the Quds Force at Damascus International Airport, intelligence systems associated with those forces, and military posts and munition in the buffer zone between the Syrian Golan Heights and the Israeli-occupied portion of the strategic plateau. Residents reported loud sounds that rocked their buildings.

Israel has repeatedly warned it considers an entrenched Iranian military presence in war-ravaged Syria to be a risky red line.

Israel claimed that the early Thursday assault was its most extensive strike against Syria in decades.

Marandi said Iranians did not seem to have been among the casualties in Thursday morning's attacks.

But in the past few weeks, Israel has shifted to a more direct and public confrontation with Iran, striking at Iranian bases, weapons depots and rocket launchers across Syria, and killing Iranian troops. It also struck multiple Syrian air-defense systems, including long-, medium- and short-range Russian-made missiles, high-altitude missiles and medium-range air-defense systems. No Israeli fighter jets were hit in the strikes, but Conricus said they came under heavy anti-aircraft fire. Its army said three people had been killed. "Syria has every right to defend itself", the broadcaster quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi as saying.

Israel's recent attacks are the largest ones they have directed at Syria in decades according to BBC.

"They must remember that if it rains here it will pour over there and I hope that we finish this chapter and that everyone got the message", Lieberman said.

The projectile only caused material damage, the agency added.

In February, Israel reported that an armed Iranian drone flew into its airspace, which it shot down.

Israel targets Iran's intel sites in Syria
The Iranian military has been supporting President Bashar al-Assad in his fight against a civil uprising and insurgents. Last month, an attack on Syria's T4 air base in the central Homs province killed seven Iranian military personnel.

Russian support: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As that war winds down, and Assad appears to be headed toward victory, Israel fears that Iran, along with tens of thousands of Iranian-backed Shiite militiamen, will carry out attacks against Israel.

It came after Mr Netanyahu had backed president Donald Trump's decision on Tuesday to pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear pact.

"The Zionist regime's frequent attacks on Syria under fabricated and baseless excuses is a breach of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and in defiance of all worldwide laws and regulations", Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Qasem said. And Israel is equally determined to prevent this.

The crossfire comes a day after Israel opened bomb shelters in the northern Golan Heights based on "irregular" movements by Iranian forces in Syria-the same day that President Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing the USA from the Iran nuclear deal.

One clear danger is that Iran may seek to exact its revenge outside the Middle East.

In response to the raids, Moscow, which also supports Assad, called on both Israel and Iran to show restraint.

At 12:15 AM, the "Code Red" alert went off in scores of Israeli communities on the Golan Heights, forcing residents into their bomb shelters. After an uneventful night, the military on Wednesday called on residents to return to "full civilian routine", meaning studies and excursions would continue as usual, although the shelters would remain open.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, an annual security gathering north of Tel Aviv, Lieberman said Israel would respond fiercely to any further Iranian actions. "If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen", Trump said.

The two sides have been on a collision course for months.

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