Hacker Sentenced To Federal Prison For Attacks On 'World Of Warcraft' Servers

Hacker Sentenced To Federal Prison For Attacks On 'World Of Warcraft' Servers

Mateias will now be serving a year-long prison sentence in a U.S. federal court and has reportedly paid $30,000 in damages to Blizzard.

Calin Mateias of Bucharest was sentenced Monday in federal court in Los Angeles.

A 38-year-old Romanian man has been sentenced to one year in United States federal prison after pleading guilty to launching a DDoS attack [VIDEO] on a World Of Warcraft server.

Mateias was charged with doing this to the European servers for "World of Warcraft" from February to September 2010.

On top of the sentence, Mateias was also ordered to pay $29,987 to Blizzard Entertainment in compensation. "Mateias became involved in disputes with other players for a variety of reasons, including the division of loot and membership in raid teams".

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According to the Department of Justice, Mateias, who was 30 at the time, executed the attacks as a way of revenge against some of the players in his guild.

Calin Mateias was extradited from Romania to face trial for the attacks on the World of Warcraft servers.

DDoS attacks may continue to plague World of Warcraft and other online games moving forward, but attackers can expect Blizzard to pursue similar legal action against them if they are caught. He pleads guilty to one count of intentional damage to a protected computer in February. A DDoS attack is a type of cyber attack aimed to disrupt the resources provided by a server or network provider over the internet, making them unavailable to end-users.

The FBI indicted Mateias back in 2011, but wasn't extradited from Romania until previous year. However, Mateias' defense argues that he should be released on time served given the fact that he had spent nearly that same amount of time in the USA during his trial period. Mateias has been held in federal lockup for the past six months since he was extradited to the States and did not receive any leniency when taking that time spent here into account. That compulsive decision caused Mateias to be extradited to the United States over the accusation past year.

Mateias was previously indicted for the attempted theft of more than $10 million from Ingram Micro in 2004.

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