Rolls-Royce hopes 4x4 will sparkle

Rolls-Royce hopes 4x4 will sparkle

Rolls-Royce, known for its elegance and ultimate luxury, took its brand to the next level when it officially launched the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV (sports utility vehicle) to the world on Friday.

The Cullinan shares its aluminium space frame architecture, called 'The Architecture of Luxury, ' with the Phantom.

These don't appear as aggressive as those of the Phantom. Bentayga leads in power while Cullinan goes up in front of torque figures. It features suicide doors, a Rolls-Royce signature, and a sharp shoulder line running right across the length of the SUV. The SUV has a thick D-pillar and the company claims protruding rear-end has been inspired from the D-Back Rolls-Royces of the 1930s. A long wheelbase Range Rover sits 5,199 mm, the Cullinan is longer at 5341 mm in length.

Unveiled yesterday, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan was never going to play second fiddle to another brand.

In a first for a Rolls, there is all-wheel drive and an all-wheel-steering system - so all that weight can move quickly on the streets of Beverly Hills and the dunes of Namibia with equal aplomb. The rear seat comes in two configurations, with two cockpit-style seats in the rear or a single lounge seat that allows seating for three-or, when folded down, up to 600 liters (21 cubic feet) of storage space, equal to that of the Urus. Behind them, will be that glass partition.

That is assuming you bought the rear bench seat.

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The Cullinan carries a 563 hp, 6.75-lt, V-12 engine with 627 ft lbs of torque. It's been re-engineered by adding larger air struts with greater air volume and by strengthening the drive and prop shafts to cushion blows from the toughest terrain-though it's most of the buyers of this epic SUV probably won't be taking it to Moab. "Engaging 'Off Road" button on the centre console will ensure Cullinan tackling rough track, gravel, wet grass, mud, snow or sand. Thanks to the variable ride height, the Cullinan has a water wading capacity of 540mm. This coupled to four-wheel steering makes the 2.5-tonne SUV nimble and agile to drive, claims the British carmaker.

Sources say that the Rolls-Royce Cullinan will arrive in South Africa around November 2018.

There are night vision cameras, wildlife and pedestrian warnings, active cruise control and a wifi hotspot.

Due to its huge 22-inch wheels, the Cullinan maintains basic Rolls-Royce proportions regardless of its top.

"This is a more casual auto", Muller-Otvos said, "so it's not only for watching polo matches or horse races, but it might also be that you're going to watch your kids playing soccer".

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