Is Trump Starting a War with Iran?

Is Trump Starting a War with Iran?

Donald Trump has defended his decision to withdraw the USA from the Iran nuclear deal, saying "bedlam" and "death" follow wherever Iran is involved.

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GREENE: Well, we just heard an official from President Trump's State Department saying that the United States is going to try and cajole European countries to stop doing business with Iran.

"We maintain military options because of Iran's bellicose statements and threats", he said at a hearing of the Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee, and "those plans remain operant". "And hopefully, that won't be the case".

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who led President Obama's efforts to broker the Iran nuclear deal, cautioned that a "new arms race" was taking place and endangering other weapons reduction treaties.

Immediately on returning from North Korea on Thursday, secretary of state Mike Pompeo will embark on talks with allies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to try to persuade them to press Iran to curb its nuclear and missile programs, U.S. officials said.

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With sanctions lifted in 2016, Iran gained access to more than US$100 billion in frozen assets overseas, and was able to resume selling oil and using the global financial system for trade, according to a BBC report.

Trump and his partner in nuclear armament, Bibi Netanyahu, did everything they could to convince the world that Iran has nuclear weapons and must be stopped.

Iran re-emerged as a major oil exporter in 2016 after worldwide sanctions against it were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear program, with its April exports standing above 2.6 million barrels per day (bpd). "I would advise them very strongly".

"In fact, the deal (as recently confirmed by Israel) allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and - over time - reach the brink of a nuclear breakout". Defying America's renewed sanctions on Iran may cost quite a lot, though, and some countries may shy away.

In October, Trump announced he would not permit USA certification of Iranian compliance with the deal, setting the United States on the path that it reached on Tuesday. So even as the president is out here making this dramatic speech, have you heard of any discussions behind the scenes between US and European officials to try to negotiate something new? It was the usual diplomatic compromise that did not deliver everything that Iran's counterparties wanted but did induce Iran to pause its nuclear weapons program. In a joint statement issued with France and Germany, British Prime Minister Theresa May said she regretted Donald Trump's decision to exit the 2015 agreement. In their many conversations with Trump about Iran this year, the Europeans asked him to avoid damaging their own investments there, even if he decided that the United States was out of the deal, the Post reported.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Trump's speech was silly and superficial and contained 10 lies. In the longer run, the collapse of this deal will affect U.S. ties with the European Union. This sets the stage for a last-ditch effort for Europe, Russia, China and Iran to negotiate a follow-on deal, with Europe taking steps to mitigate the effects of US sanctions re-imposition and protecting companies doing business with Iran.

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