Outpouring of love for former First Lady Barbara Bush

Outpouring of love for former First Lady Barbara Bush

The former first lady enjoys a close relationship with the Bush twins.

Moving forward, Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath said, the former first lady will "focus on comfort care" and time with her family after a spate of hospitalizations. Bush has been hospitalized several times over recent years as she struggled with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. "And what was worse, in her eyes, was that I had done it all in front of my mom, my daughters, family guests, and most of all, Gampy, who had been raised with the highest standards of sportsmanship".

Many wonderful quotes have been attributed to Barbara Bush, but perhaps the one that is most appropriate for today leaves us all knowing that this unique woman is doing exactly the very thing she wants to do. Bush stood with her husband as their son George W. was sworn in as the 43rd president.

And a new exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Center is celebrating the achievements of every American first lady through the lens of their most iconic moments and outfits.

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She was also known for her compassion, understanding that as a first lady she was in a unique position to create a lasting legacy.

She's been there for them.

"That's great. Bet she's proud of you", the First Lady answered.

"We're grateful for her, for everybody's prayers and thoughts, and just know the world is better because she is in it", Hager said. Bush. The foundation shared the page on its Twitter account Tuesday morning.

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