National Basketball Association playoffs has most number of worldwide players ever

Thibs went seven deep against the Rockets Sunday in what was the first game of an uphill battle for the Timberwolves. It's a testament to how good the rest of the team is that the Raptors were still able to score 114 points, which was 2.3 more than their regular-season average.

The Timberwolves are in the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Even if they do get upset, their regular season success has to bode well for their future, when they will hopefully get more than 60 combined games for their two stars.

Tom Van Arsdale (929) is the record-holder for most regular-season games without seeing postseason play, followed by Otto Moore (682), Nate Williams (642), Sebastian Telfair (564), then Casspi and Cousins.

The Thunder have been a middle-of-the-road defensive team since losing Andre Roberson in January, and that figures to make the difference here - the Rockets will shoot 35-40 3-pointers per game against OKC, a team that has allowed opponents to make 39.1 percent of their 3s over their final 25 games. I think he delivers in the biggest way.

Lead by the bearded James Harden, the Rockets offense outscored any opposition, and were particularly deadly from the three point line. In a victory against the Rockets on January 26, DeMarcus Cousins tore his Achilles tendon, leaving Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday to fend for themselves. The Warriors went with a more veteran lineup against the Spurs in Game 1. The mysterious Spurs keep everything under wraps, but Leonard does seem to be actually injured.

Still, the Blazers lack depth, and the Warriors have Nick Young, who is going to come up with some random 16-point outburst that will help the Warriors win a game. Yes, only a chance-Kevin Durant could take over any series and has a talented enough team to win without Curry.

It feels like the difference between the one-seed and the eight-seed isn't that wide in this matchup.

For the first time in nearly 17 years, the Toronto Raptors are off to a winning start in a playoff series. But, I'll take the Bucks in six. Granted, neither do the Wizards, but their collection of young talent at least makes them a little bit of a wild card.

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James could set a slew of National Basketball Association records in these playoffs.

The funniest moment of the season came when Cleveland Cavaliers player J.R. Smith was suspended after throwing soup at one of his coaches.

The Indiana Pacers do not hold a star on their roster. Despite their inconsistency, the Bucks feature - by far - the best player in the series in Antetokounmpo, who can single-handedly devastate a hobbled team like Boston. The Wizards have talented players who most likely hate each other.

This is a hard matchup to gauge.

The 76ers, led by probable Rookie of the Year victor Ben Simmons, have been on a tear lately and they should be able to handle the Heat in five games. This is the first time the process has seen the playoffs and Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and company will not be ready for the playoffs.

They're a sleeper bandwagon team.

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum asserted himself in his playoff debut against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics are without their leading scoring and facilitator Kyrie Irving. They've gone to great lengths, and had quite a bit of success, changing their style of play and expanding their bench in the a year ago.

There are two ways Milwaukee can win this series, Giannis goes to another level and put up playoff Lebron like numbers, overcoming Brad Stevens preparations to limit him.

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