Meek Mill Granted New Hearing by Philadelphia District Attorney

Meek Mill Granted New Hearing by Philadelphia District Attorney

Rapper Meek Mill could be headed for a new trial, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. The judge denied the rapper's request for release during Monday's status hearing, but it was also during this hearing that Meek Mill learned he would receive a new trial.

Philadelphia's District Attorney agreed to a new trial for Meek Mill.

Meek Mill was sent to prison by Brinkley in November 2017 for 2-4 years for probation violations.

But many who advocate for Mill's release say they're protesting for something bigger than just his case-for the reform of a justice system that allows young Black men to become incarcerated for long periods of time-keeping them separated from their families-for non-violent charges, such as possession of marijuana. "This position was taken due to serious issues regarding the credibility of the arresting officer in the case, Officer Reginald Graham", tweeted Ben Waxman, spokesman for Philly DA Larry Krasner. Mill's attorneys will "immediately" file for his release with a higher court, McMonagle said.

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TMZ reported that if the Philadelphia District Attorney office's wishes are granted, Mill's 2008 conviction would be thrown out. The now-retired officer was among a list of police officers the prosecutor's office has sought to keep off the stand in cases across the city because of credibility questions. DA also stated in open court that the prior DA was aware that Officer Graham was untrustworthy as far back as 2005, which was never disclosed to Meek's defense team. Mill's lawyers argue that the sentence is excessive, part of what they call judge's "personal vendetta".

"I miss my dad very much", Papi said.

The judge defended herself earlier that month, stating that the court has "has impartially and without bias presided over a number of proceeding in this matter since 2008". She did set another court date in June, however.

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