Alder Hey pleads with Alfie Evans protesters not to disturb patients

Alder Hey pleads with Alfie Evans protesters not to disturb patients

However, the family have lost their latest court battle, with judges dismissing their appeal.

Mr Evans and Ms James asked Court of Appeal judges to rule that the toddler should be allowed to receive treatment in Italy. He accused the hospital of lying to the police, banning his wife Kate from seeing their son, being negligent in their care for Alfie, and leaving him in conditions of squalor. Both he and Kate intend to keep fighting for the opportunity to continue Alfie's treatment.

He then alleged the hospital called the police to prevent him removing his son, with officers allegedly telling him he would be "arrested for assault" if he attempted to remove Alfie.

Alfie, born in May of 2016, suffers from an unknown neurological degenerative condition which hospital staff say has reduced him to a vegetative state and corroded his brain matter.

Alfie's parents fought the decision to the Supreme Court and before the European Court of Human Rights.

However, Alder Hey said in a statement: "Noise from recent protests has unfortunately affected our patients so we would ask that noise levels outside the hospital are kept to a minimum and, for example, vehicle horns are not sounded".

Justice Moylan also said that the baby's independent guardian has agreed with the hospital that withdrawing ventilation is in the baby's "best interests".

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"We see no basis for submission that there is a deprivation of liberty under Habeas Corpus or Article 5 of the Human Rights Act". Courts have refused to allow the parents to determine what is in Alfie's best interest.

In addition, Moylan said it is "wrong to say that the parents' own views can trump that judicial determination", according to LifeSiteNews.

The couple took their case to the Supreme Court on 20 March where justices refused to give the couple permission to mount another appeal.

Speaking outside the hospital, Alfie's dad declared "it's not over" while crowds of supporters chanted "get him out".

Alfie Evans, from Liverpool, is on a life support machine and requires round-the-clock treatment at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in the city.

The toddler is battling an undiagnosed brain disease, according to reports. "He has been treated in Alder Hey since 2015". "Treatment is futile as experts both here and overseas agree".

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