Justin Bieber 'Punched Man Who Held Woman By The Throat'

Justin Bieber 'Punched Man Who Held Woman By The Throat'

Breaking news from TMZ claims that while attending a party at Coachella, Justin Bieber came to the defense of a young woman who was being physically assaulted by a man.

Justin Bieber took a break from admiring the Walmart Yodeling Boy to play hero at Coachella. "We're told the guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and would not release her". That's when Bieber and a few friends stepped in, and started screaming at the man to let her go - though the guy only allegedly screamed "Go fuck yourself" in response.

According the the source, an unnamed woman was grabbed by the throat by an angry ex-boyfriend type at a Coachella-related party and her abuser wouldn't let go. When he didn't, Justin hit the man in the face and pushed him against a wall. The timing there finally allowed the woman to escape his death grip and run away.

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Inside sources at the party say the man who went insane on the woman appeared to be on drugs. He was then seen chasing an SUV because he believed Justin Bieber was inside. He yelled the singer's name as he started hitting the vehicle.

Police reportedly arrested the man, who was apparently on drugs and angry at his alleged victim, who was his ex.

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