"Full Metal Jacket" actor R. Lee Ermey has died

R. Lee Ermey, known as the fiery Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in "Full Metal Jacket", has passed away according to his manager Bill Rogin.

Ermey died Sunday from pneumonia-related complications, according to his long-time manager Bill Rogin.

"It is extremely hard to truly quantify all of the great things this man has selflessly done for, and on behalf of, our many men and women in uniform, "Rogin said in a statement issued on Facebook. Semper Fi, Gunny. #RIPGunny", while another fan added: "You know your life sucks when you hear that @RLeeErmey has died and you have no one to share the news with or 'remember when....' with".

The combination of Ermey's local ties, military career and film work led organizers of Emporia's All Veterans Tribute to bring Ermey in to help celebrate the city's 50th anniversary of Veterans Day in 2003. He also served as a drill instructor for the Marines. He spent 14 months in Vietnam beginning in 1968 before moving to Okinawa. Kubrick let Ermey write his own lines and he came up with about 150 pages of insults.

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Ermey landed his first film role in 1979's "Apocalypse Now", and also served as a technical adviser to Francis Ford Coppola.

The former marine also played numerous character roles in television programmes such as Tales from the Crypt, The X-Files and House. Ermey was nominated for a Golden Globe award for the role. "Didn't mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?"

After some minor film parts, the actor was meant to advise on another movie as well: Full Metal Jacket. An impressed Kubrick gave him the role. Kubrick said at the time that 50 percent of the insulting dialogues were all Ermey's improvisation. "You see, in the course of hiring the marine recruits, we interviewed hundreds of guys", Kubrick told Rolling Stone in 1987. We lined them all up and did an improvisation of the first meeting with the drill instructor. "They're driving us into bankruptcy so that they can impose socialism on us, and that's exactly what they're doing, and I'm sick and damn exhausted of it and I know you are too". He appeared in more than 55 films, including Roughnecks, X-men 3, Se7en, Mississippi Burning and a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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