Angela Merkel Re-Eelected For Fourth Term as Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel Re-Eelected For Fourth Term as Chancellor of Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel says "it's finally time to start work" as Germany's new government prepares to take office almost six months after the country's election.

Putting an end to almost six months of political drift in Europe's biggest economy, Angela Merkel has been elected for her fourth term as chancellor by Germany's parliament. The parliamentary lower house voted in favour of her 364-315 - paving the way for Merkel's fourth term at the helm.

"A clear vote and a smooth start", tweeted Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the new general secretary of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

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German lawmakers voted on Wednesday to re-elect Angela Merkel as chancellor for a fourth term that may prove her most challenging yet as she leads a fragile coalition with her standing diminished.

AÂ so-called grand coalition has ruled Germany since 2013, but when all three parties lost support in September's general election, the SPD initially said it would go into opposition and regroup. Following a disastrous election result that came after four years as Merkel's junior coalition partner, the Social Democrats agreed to join the new government only after lengthy internal wrangling.

"I got a very good smoked fish from Putin", said Merkel. But he said that the allies "are in a position to work constructively together and govern decently".

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