Trump hails GOP candidate in special PA election

Trump hails GOP candidate in special PA election

Saccone, who was endorsed by and campaigned with President Donald Trump on Saturday, continued the campaign trail with Donald Trump Jr. on the eve of the election.

Donald Trump in southwestern Pennsylvania trying to boost the Republican candidate to victory in Tuesday's special election for a U.S. House seat.

While the telegenic young Lamb has impressed even Republicans with his disciplined campaign, and calculated splits with the national Democratic Party, Republicans have blasted Saccone for weak fundraising, an inability to tell his own story as a veteran, his deep hostility to unions in a union-heavy district, and past mistakes like telling a mother whose kid had died of opioid abuse that addiction was a "family responsibility" and it's not taxpayers' responsibility to help, a brutal remark in a district where opioids are a serious problem.

Fearful of a loss, Republicans are downplaying expectations and trashing Saccone as a candidate. "He will be much better for steel and business".

"Lamb will always vote for Pelosi and Dems...." Earlier Vice President Mike Pence came to campaign with Saccone, and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway was rallying Republicans here on Thursday. Tim Murphy, the former GOP congressman to hold the district seat for more than a decade, ran unopposed twice and never won by less than 58 percent.

Republicans, meanwhile, would be spooked about their prospects in this tempestuous era of Trump, who most recently visited Saturday night on Saccone's behalf.

Democrat Conor Lamb has taken the lead over Republican Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania's closely watched special election in the state's 18th Congressional District, according to the a new Monmouth University Poll.

A Monmouth poll released in mid-February, using the same model, found Saccone with a slight edge, 49 percent to 46 percent.

"He shares my values", DeFelice said Sunday.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I'm very presidential.

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Such attitudes will be the difference should Saccone emerge victorious. The consistent fundraising deficit has left him with limited resources to air the message he delivers one-on-one: His four decades of experience in the private sector, global business and now the legislature make voters' choice a no-brainer. The new 17th includes just 20 percent of the people who live in the current 18th, though it would include Lamb's home and is more friendly to Democrats. He's added his opposition to major new gun restrictions - though he backs expanded background checks - and declared himself personally opposed to abortion, despite his support for its legality. "He's good with guns".

It's unclear who's most likely to win as voters head to the polls Tuesday for a special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District.

Lamb, however, keeps to party orthodoxy on unions in a district with a long history of coal mining and steel-making.

His campaign claims to have reached more than 100,000 households with pledges to protect union jobs and pensions along with Medicare and Social Security programs for the elderly that account for almost one out of every five local residents. According to Rothman and other experts from the area, union, blue-collar workers who traditionally voted as conservative Democrats made all the difference in a securing the president's win in the area. Registered Democrats still outnumber Republicans by nearly a four-to-three ratio in a district where gun rights are a high priority, and Democrats still hold some local offices.

The final day of campaigning in Pennsylvania's special congressional election began around 1 p.m., at a sprawling candy and ice cream shop famous throughout the 18th District. Murphy resigned in October amid a sex scandal. The only chance she's got to become speaker is electing Democrats. Neither Lamb nor Saccone has made the ongoing Russian Federation investigation bedeviling Trump part of his pitch, but the paper insisted the country must not "dive into so great a distraction".

Particularly worrying for Republicans is that Lamb has managed to parry the attacks they've hoped will work across the map.

"I think you gotta be cautious with all politicians, you know", said Thearle.

"One of the reasons people don't vote is that they're not aware of the election", Kimball said.

Levy reported from Waynesburg.

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