Marion County Public Health Reminding Residents to get a Flu Shot

Marion County Public Health Reminding Residents to get a Flu Shot

Health officials say despite the high number of fatalities, the number of flu cases and emergency room visits decreased last week following a weeks-long trend - with 601 lab-confirmed cases compared to 1,168 the week before. 120 deaths as a result of flu have been recorded this winter so far. The severity one experiences are largely determined by the individual's response to those symptoms.

The vaccine's performance against influenza B viruses was substantially better than it was against H3N2.

In an interview, Director Mrvos explained that this particular season has been surprisingly brutal for students. One could be exposed to the virus shortly before being vaccinated or shortly after being vaccinated, before the vaccination starts working.

"We had 324 total cases - 200 with Influenza A and 124 with Influenza B", said Dylan Steigerwald, Jefferson County Health Center epidemiologist.

White noted that, compared to past year, the number of flu cases in the county has exploded. "By self-diagnosing, students put themselves and those around them at risk, especially if their affliction turns out to be a true strain of influenza".

Duquesne Health Services and Duquesne Pharmacy Services have been distributing the influenza vaccine to students since October.

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Due to the high level of influenza cases in the region and statewide, the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health is implementing a revised visitor policy to protect the health and safety of patients, staff, visitors and the community during flu season.

Mrvos' assumptions about students seemed to be correct.

"As of January 22, 2017, we only had 211 recorded cases of flu, so with 1,344 cases, this year's numbers are significantly higher", he said.

The same vaccine was used last season in Canada and was found to be 42 per cent effective in preventing cases of H3N2 in this country. As long as flu viruses are circulating, vaccination should continue throughout the flu season, even in February or later. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California is one of the 39 states that have experienced widespread flu-like illnesses.

Mrvos said that "the best medicine is simply to allow the professionals to do their job". In schools, separate sick children from the rest of the school population until they are able to get home.

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