Microsoft may be planning to acquire EA and Valve

Microsoft may be planning to acquire EA and Valve

A "reliable source" close to Microsoft has reportedly told Polygon that Microsoft was looking at buying up Electronic Arts recently.

The videogame industry was shocked to hear earlier this week the rumors about Xbox maker Microsoft studying the possibility of acquiring digital entertainment giant Electronic Arts. There's optimism about an acquisition because of the "internal shifts" that the company has made, they include the promotion of Spencer to the head of the entire gaming effort at Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft is bloody loaded, and could conceivably fork out for EA's estimated worth of a tidy $35 billion.

Analysts seem to agree that Microsoft would seek the aforementioned companies in their effort to elevate first-party game development.

Microsoft's Xbox One platform is making ambitious moves, but remains in second place behind Sony's massively successful PlayStation 4.

This week Polygon published an extensive article going over the Xbox One's exclusive games problem.

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Aside from that, such a huge acquisition would also give Microsoft control over some very impressive studios, including Bioware and DICE.

Sony and Nintendo have both benefited from the same process in the past as well, and I believe Michael Pachter does have a valid point that financially it does not make any sense for Microsoft to acquire EA. Suddenly Microsoft would have the expertise and infrastructure to start pushing out exclusive IP in other genres.

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This one needs more than a few grains of salt but it is possible the Microsoft store might be looking at a significant expansion. It's developer, "PUBG Corp", continues to deliver frequent updates, with the Xbox One version now receiving its seventh update since release. Acquiring Activision-Blizzard or EA, in particular, would probably be incredibly complex and extra hard to do, even more so than the others. With that in mind, these are all wild rumors for now. Microsoft still has nothing to say on this and its impossible to say whether this report is true or not.

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