Attack on Titan-like 'Extinction' coming to Xbox and PC in April

Attack on Titan-like 'Extinction' coming to Xbox and PC in April

Assuming the role of hero Avil, last of the legendary Sentinels and as such the only warrior who can topple the orge-like Ravenii, Extinction sees you battling for the survival of mankind's last vestiges, unleashing skill-based combos and fast-paced traversal manoeuvres.

Developer Iron Galaxy has slapped an April 10 release date on Extinction, the action game about battling towering ogres.

"Days of Dolorum" season pass announced.

Extinction is the latest from Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy, and was announced at E3 a year ago.

Those who pre-order from GameStop will get the Last Legs and Heads, You Win trails, where players have to slay a certain amount of ogres within a time limit. Annihilate all that stands between you and rescuing the people of Dolorum from extinction.

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It's worth noting that in direct contrast to most games released these days, Iron Galaxy and Modus Games make it clear that Extinction will not include micro-transactions - which should be a pretty popular decision amongst most gaming enthusiasts I know.

Best Buy: "Short Fuse" bonus trial featuring unique objectives.

If you decide to pre-order it straight from the PlayStation Store, you will get the tough Double Trouble trial; meanwhile, if you pre-order it on the Microsoft Store, you will get the even more hard Brightsteel City trial.

Pre-orders are open now for the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game, while digital pre-orders will be available "in early February". The season pass can also be purchased standalone for $14.99 / $18.99 CAD / £12.99.

Microsoft Store: "Brightsteel City" challenge trial.

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