CIA's Pompeo Praises Trump's Grasp of Intelligence Issues

CIA's Pompeo Praises Trump's Grasp of Intelligence Issues

Pompeo suggested the threshold for USA military action was set higher.

"It is not a healthy thing to be a senior leader and bring bad news to Kim Jong-Un", Pompeo said, joking that such a person should buy life insurance first. "The logical next step would be to develop an arsenal of weapons". Some of Trump's silence can be credited to Pompeo, who appears to be pulling off a political balancing act: He has won over officials at America's premier spy agency, many of whom were deeply offended by Trump's attacks, while persuading the president of the CIA's value and its loyalty.

"It is more than just regime preservation that we are concerned he will use (nukes for).his conventional force alone is no small thing", Pompeo said, alluding to North Korea's standing military's capability to protect the government.

Pompeo emphasised that President Donald Trump's focus was on a diplomatic solution to North Korea's nuclear threat, but that the Central Intelligence Agency was working with the administration should this tactic fail.

"The persistent objective for the North Koreans is pretty clear: they want to have a dialogue with the United States as a fellow nuclear weapons state... akin to US-Soviet arms control (talks in the 1970s and 1980s)", he told The Straits Times. "We are still suffering from having gaps". Go figure out a way to do it.' And remarkably now, some months later, I can tell you that our intelligence posture is actually equal to where it was. "At the very least you have to make sure your adversary believes that".

Rare appearance CIA director Mike Pompeo said North Korea's nuclear weapons program has developed at a'very rapid clip' but that Kim is hoping for an arsenal of nuclear weapons-'not one not a showpiece not something to drive on a parade route

The new policy highlights the President's suspicions that Russian Federation and China are covertly aiding Kim's regime, sending fuel and food supplies already banned by recent United Nations sanctions. "And our mission is to make the day that he can do that as far off as possible".

North Korea's economy has been crippled by sanctions after a series of ballistic missile tests that outraged the global community.

"Look, the president's number one focus is our national security", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said just yesterday afternoon. "We'll never get the week or the month right on something that is this complicated but we can get the direction of travel and the capacity for rate of change right, and we did".

A 2017 paper published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's International Security think tank claimed that modern United States nuclear weapons and guidance systems could obliterate North Korea's nuclear infrastructure with five strategic strikes - all while only causing around 100 deaths. I said that was a handful of months. "It wasn't the case that it had been ignored. Then we'll try also to talk about something that is coming up, so, for instance, preparing the president for his trip to Davos, or a foreign leader who is coming to visit, or provide him with material that we know he is going to confront in the days or weeks ahead", he said.

Pompeo also said the president asks "hard questions" during his briefings that allow him to lead the conversation on important policy issues.

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