And The Interim Mayor is… Mark Farrell?

And The Interim Mayor is… Mark Farrell?

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has chosen Mark Farrell to serve as interim mayor until a scheduled June election. Supervisor Farrell will appoint his successor in District 2.

The optics of this political plot twist aren't lost on anyone, most notably Breed supporters who showed up at the vote to jeer the city's progressive lot. About a dozen people lined up for the public comment period before the nomination process began.

The vote came after hours of impassioned public comment from San Francisco residents, many of them saying racism was behind the board's moves to have someone serve as acting mayor instead of Breed, who is a black woman.

Asked by a reporter what he would say to distraught champions of Breed, the new interim mayor nodded soberly.

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Farrell was sworn in shortly after 9 City Attorney Dennis Herrera, with his wife and three children by his side.

As for Farrell, the office of the mayor had two press releases on its site attributed to Farrell on Wednesday. Appearing at the 2015 "Crunchies" awards organized by tech blog TechCrunch, Breed said she had "great respect for the tech sector, for the dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to create something new, something innovative".

"I understand the emotion that was in the room last night". Breed was both acting mayor and president of the Board of Supervisors. "And so what I am trying to do as a leader in this city is bring out the best in people". London Breed is already district 5 supervisor and president of the board of supervisors, and she's also running in the election to replace Ed Lee as elected mayor - so her acting as interim mayor would make for a significant concentration of power. The deadline to file as a candidate was January 9. "Breed's incensed supporters shouted down the proceedings for a good 10 minutes; the room was cleared and, after the meeting was subsequently curtailed, the supes were escorted back to their offices by sheriff's deputies", Eskanazi reported.

"That is the grossest part of politics, and it is happening now in San Francisco", Ronen said, through tears. In December, he suspended his candidacy.

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