Star Wars Battlefront 2 wipes $3.1 billion from EA's stock value

Star Wars Battlefront 2 wipes $3.1 billion from EA's stock value

This was done in response to extreme pressure from fans, who were rightly concerned about the impact that players buying Battlefront II's loot crates could have on gameplay balance. When speaking about this in February this year, EA CGO Blake Jorgensen told investors they meant to bring this mechanic to Battlefield and Battlefront. Doing so now and down the line is "very important", and Jorgensen added that the moment in which they don't make mistakes and aren't learning from them, that's when it's time to worry about them. But our view is these are great opportunities for us to continue to tune the game, to adjust these things. Microtransactions were removed from the game because consumers felt that they were "a pay-to-win mechanic". We think the time has come for the industry to collectively establish a set of standards for MTX implementation, both to fix damaged player perceptions and avoid the threat of regulation.

After social media and Reddit were flooded with negative posts about Battlefront 2, during which an EA account on Reddit managed to get the most downvoted comment of all time, it seems like sales of the game aren't meeting expectations. The day-over-day retention in Battlefront II is nearly better than we've seen in any of our games, and we'll be adding in the next couple of weeks more content than we've ever added in a game before.

Jorgensen was asked why that isn't the route EA and DICE pursued, and he claimed it comes down to issues of working with an IP that EA does not own. "And we're trying to design games that allow people to go deep into the things they love and play them for a very long period of time". "It's an fantastic brand that's been built over many, many years". So if you did a bunch of cosmetic things, you might start to violate the canon. Jorgensen cites the fact that it would be weird if Darth Vader was in white or pink armor than his traditional black outfit. You can, after all, have Hero units running around on maps where they never set foot, or have Yoda and Kylo Ren squaring off-to say nothing of droids spamming the crouch button or things of the sort.

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Despite Battlefront II's hotly contested live services, EA's Chief Financial Officer says the game will get a massive array of new content to accompany The Last Jedi's release in theaters. "We're not giving up on the notion of MTX", Jorgensen said. It's likely that EA's monetization strategies will need to change, and the industry will need to focus on setting guidelines for microtransactions and loot boxes to avoid the threat of government regulation.

We also hear that Jorgensen believes that for sixty bucks players are getting two or three years of entertainment, and "that's a pretty good deal".

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